Our Passion is seeING PEOPLE BECOME WHOm
GOD designed THEM TO BE

Computer Education

Our Digital bootcamp is gaining ground in Worcester. The course runs for six week. During the program, students will be introduced to the world of coding. They will also learn how to use canva to design their marketing materials. The main goal of the course is to teach students to be able to use WordPress to design professional website. 

The internet is changing the way we do business. The internet of things has revolutionised the way our world works. A time is coming that those not fully inclined to the world of the internet will be left behind in the scale of things.

At Hopespring, our vision is to use the professional IT skill at our disposal to help prepare the youth in our communities for the amazing world of the internet.

Hopespring has partnered with Trinity Education in the USA to offer this program in South Africa. If you are ready to explore the world of the internet and build a professional portfolio click on the link below too start your journey.  

Music Program

The Western Cape is regarded as one of the most volatile region in the world. Murder rate in Cape Town is regarded as the 15th most violent cities in the world.  Thousands of lives are lost each year due to gang related activities. 

At Hopespring, we believe getting the youths engaged in positive activities can reduced the risk of them being exposed to crime and gangsterism. In Avian Park for example, our organisation is collaborating with Grace Trust, Worcester to provide after school music lessons to children from the age of eight. 

Apart from teaching them music, we also expose them to music events around Worcester. This we believe will stimulate their interest in the world of music, and make them develop a career path in Art as the case may be.

Youth Ministry


Our Youth program focuses on helping young people overcome porn addiction. We help them understand or discover their God-ordained purpose. Without purpose, life will appear useless and meaningless. Currently, we are partnering with a local Non-Governmental organisation based in Worcester to minister to young people drawn from accross the Western Cape who struggle with addiction to drugs, porn and other dangerous substances.

We also run school programs. Currently, we are busy helping school learners understand the effect of porn addiction on the brain. We provide them information on available softwares that can protect them while doing their school work online.

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