Hopespring is a non-governmental organisation situated in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa. We are committed to working with young people of all ages irrespective of social or economic background. 

We also seek to enhance the quality of life of children at risk, especially those previously disadvantaged in South Africa. Our vision is to use computers, music, and arts as tools to disciple young people as true followers of Christ. 

We also aim to help young people develop a godly character that will embolden them to positively influence and impact their communities. 

To achieve this, we have partnered with Trinity Education in the USA and some of our friends in Switzerland to empower young people with Computer Education.

Among other things, we will use basic computer courses, Web Design courses, Office Admin Bootcamp, and Online Digital Marketing to empower these young people. 

At Hopespring, we believe Sound Christian education and Biblical values are important to help young people develop leadership skills that will make them efficient in the workplace and the world in general. 

This is the reason we continue to break new ground in various communities in and around Gordon’s Bay.

recently, the Lord opened doors for us to secure a property in Temperance Town, Gordon’s Bay for our work. From Monday to Friday, our office is open to provide support, food, and training to children in the community.

Lindy teaching the music class

Photos of our couples Event

Pictures from our family event.

Here at Hopespring, we believe it’s our social responsibility to help develop our community by bringing families together and discuss issues affecting couples, especially newlywed couples. 

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