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In John chapter, shared with the Samaritan woman the importance of true worship to our heavenly Father. Long before christianity spread throughout the world, many people sought ways to worship. 
Many cultures around the world the sun god. Others worship wood and mountains. But Jesus declared in John chapter 4 that the time has come for those who seek to worship the Father to know the TRUTH and the SPIRIT. 
At Hopespring school of worship, our vision is combine musical theory with years of experience leading worship to help you fulfill your god-given destiny as a worship leader. 
during the twelve weeks course, you will learn about:
– The Heart of God for Worship
– Ear Training and Keyboard
– SongWriting
– Leading a Team
– Communication in Worship
– Harmony and more




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We have provided children with much needed protein during lockdown. We want to do more

Hopespring response to covid19

Children needs our love and support

Addressing impact of porn addiction among school learners

At hopespring, part of our corporate, social responsibility is helping young people overcome porn addiction. Last year, I began visiting high schools in Worcester educating learners about the damage porn addiction porn addiction does to the human brain. The idea behind the school program was to offer learners a preventive solutions, and practical steps to breaking the porn addiction cycle.  It was a rewarding experience as many of them came out, some secretly to find help.  What is most heartbreaking about the program is the number of children in both public and private schools struggling to combat the demon of porn addiction in their daily lives. 

Need help to Break porn Addiction?

visiting volunteers from UK praying for teenagers
struggling with drug addiction

Struggling with porn addiction?

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Hopespring couples event

Pictures from our family event.

Here at Hopespring, we believe it's our social responsibility to help develop our community by bringing families together and discuss issues affecting couples, especially newlywed couples.