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our goal is to help people everywhere discover and develop their god-given potentials in order to be efficient in the workplace and make positive impact in their communities, and the world.

To achieve this goal, we wil provide education in personal self-discovery, Live seminars, computer education and more.

Discipleship through Education & Training

Hopespring is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Worcester, South Africa. We are committed to working with young people of all ages, social or economic background, especially those previously disadvantaged in South Africa.

Our vision is to use computer and music education as tools to disciple young people as true follower of Christ. 

We also aim to help young people develop godly character that will embolden them to positively influence and impact their communities. 

To achieve this, we have partnered with Trinity Education in USA and friends in Switzerlands to empower young people with Computer Education, especially basic computer course, Web Design course, Office Admin Bootcamp and Online Digital Marketing. 

At hopespring, we believe Sound Christian education and values are important to help young people develop leadership skills that will make them efficient in the workplace and the world.

This is the reason we continue to break new grounds in various communities in and around Worcester.

Are you addicted to Porn? Check this out

Viewing porn has a wide range of devastating consequences for you and others, including those very close to you.

How Digital Bootcamp is reducing unemplyment

Online Digital Marketing with web design skill is one of the best career option for today's generation. Unemployment in South Africa is high...

How Music is transforming Communities

Hopespring is using music to change the narrative of crime riddled communities in the Western Cape. We use Music and Art as tools to help young people avoid life of crime or addiction.

REgister for online web design course

This six weeks course will teach you all the required skills needed when designing and developing a live WordPress website, including using the options of HTML and CSS.


At hopespring, part of our corporate, social responsibility is helping young people overcome porn addiction. Last year, I began visiting high schools in Worcester educating learners about the damage porn addiction porn addiction does to the human brain. The idea behind the school program was to offer learners a preventive solutions, and practical steps to breaking the porn addiction cycle.  It was a rewarding experience as many of them came out, some secretly to find help.  What is most heartbreaking about the program is the number of children in both public and private schools struggling to combat the demon of porn addiction in their daily lives. 

Need help to Break porn Addiction?

visiting volunteers from UK praying for teenagers
struggling with drug addiction

Struggling with porn addiction?

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Hopespring couples event

Pictures from our family event.

Here at Hopespring, we believe it's our social responsibility to help develop our community by bringing families together and discuss issues affecting couples, especially newlywed couples.